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If you haven't yet, make sure you take the grassroots pledge below to stay up-to-date on how you can do everything you can to end Trump's corrupt and racist administration.

We must defeat Donald Trump. We will not accept anything less. To ensure this outcome, I pledge to:

Make the primary constructive. We'll make the primary election about our hopes for the future, and a robust debate of values, vision and the contest of ideas. We’ll remain grounded in our shared values, even if we support different candidates.

Rally behind the winner. We'll support the ultimate Democratic nominee, period. No Monday morning quarterbacking. No third-party threats.

Do the work to beat Trump. We’re the grassroots army that’s going to power the nominee to victory, and we’ll show up to make calls, knock doors, and do whatever it takes.

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We Are Indivisible 2020 Pledge

In May 2019, we asked grassroots activists and the Democratic primary candidates to take the We Are Indivisible 2020 Pledge to make the primary constructive, rally behind the winner, and then do the work to beat Trump.

Indivisibles committed to engage in the primary through the convention, push on issues that the grassroots cares about, and then support the ultimate Democratic nominee, whoever it was — period. These commitments shaped the primary, and now they’ll help us win in November. 

Donald Trump’s presidency is a threat to our democracy and our communities. This year, we have an opportunity to end his administration, and Indivisible is committed to do everything we can to make that a reality.

Over 30,000 activists signed the Grassroots Pledge committing to support the ultimate nominee and do whatever it takes to beat Trump.

Every major Democratic presidential candidate signed the Candidate Pledge committing to make the primary constructive and endorse the eventual nominee.

We pushed all the candidates to be more bold and inclusive in their policies, and they pushed each other. The primary was historic and constructive, and we now have a winner.

Democratic voters have chosen Joe Biden as the presumptive nominee. Now, it’s time to do the work!

Joe Biden has spent nearly his entire life in public service. He knows that a government run with integrity, competence, and heart will save lives and save livelihoods. And we can't afford to let Donald Trump continue to endanger the lives and livelihoods of every American.

-Senator Elizabeth Warren


We need you in the White House. I will do all that I can to see that that happens, Joe. I know you are the kind of guy who is going to be inclusive. You want to bring people in—even people who disagree with you.

-Senator Bernie Sanders


Joe Biden has served our country with dignity and we need him now more than ever. I will do everything in my power to help elect him the next President of the United States.

-Senator Kamala Harris


The Pledge in Action

All 23 Democratic presidential candidates who took the We Are Indivisible 2020 Pledge made a commitment to rally behind the winner and immediately endorse the nominee. Since the primary kicked off in February, we’ve seen those commitments become reality. Every major Democratic candidate has now endorsed the presumptive winner. They're ready to do the work:

The answer to hatred and division is to reignite our spirit of common purpose. Joe Biden won’t only win—he’ll show there's more that unites us than divides us. He’ll restore honor to the Oval Office and tackle our most pressing challenges. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Joe.

-Senator Cory Booker


When I ran for president we made it clear that the whole idea was about rallying the country together to defeat Donald Trump and to win the era for the values that we share… and it is in the name of that very same goal that I am delighted to endorse and support Joe Biden for President.

-Mayor Pete Buttigieg


Join us in rallying behind the winner

The Democratic primary featured a historic field of candidates engaging voters across the country in a discussion about the kind of leadership needed in this moment. Voters have chosen Joe Biden as that leader, and we need him to win.

Indivisible has big, progressive plans for 2021, and none of them are possible unless we make Biden president. A second Trump term is a danger for Americans and our democracy that we cannot risk.

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